Release Date    30.06.20          Written and produced by   Core          Remixed by   Sepp         Distribuited by

Conceived in the middle of the cold and hollow North Sea, the story of “Moartea Unui Ego” EP dates back to 2017, when Romanian talent Core was travelling through boundless expanses of water that, over the days, have shaped the earth of the three originals. Opener “Acid Holidays” is a top-notch piece full of cosmic sounds, 303 splashes and epic pads that bounces over an unceasing bassline, always ready to erupt. Thus, “Hertz” goes deeper with crystalline textures, sharp groove elements and intimate pads, while B1’s, “Moartea Unui Ego” tells us a fairy tale of a magical woods populated by curious creatures. Closing the EP, Romanian veteran SEPP turns the original into a club-oriented tool, relying on his rousing hypnotic synths and a majestic groove.


A1 Core – Acid Holidays (Original Mix)
A2 Core – Acid Hertz (Original Mix)
B1 Core – Moartea Unui Ego (Original Mix)
B2 Core – Moartea Unui Ego (Sepp Remix)