Release Date    16.08.2022          Written and produced by   Larry Sebastian Peters Leal         Remixed by   Silat Beksi         Distribuited by

Refreshing trade winds blowing from the northeast and southeast, lashing through the Danube surface. As spring unfolds, so do the carps in the water, bringing three exciting originals by Liro and a superb reinterpretation by Silat Beksi. Titled “Yujuuu Efe” fuses lean grooves and bulbous bass notes with more Balkan sounds in a surprising combo, while Silat Beksi keeps it simple with crunchy drums and modular craziness. On the flip, “No Money” provides percussive delayed patterns and luscious vibes, letting “Perdido Cuatro Efe” close things out in spectacular fashion with dreamy sounds from above.


A1 Liro – Yujuuu (Original Mix)
A2 Liro – Yujuuu (Silat Beksi Remix)
B1 Liro – No Money (Original Mix)
B2 Liro – Perdido Cuatro Efe (Original Remix)