Release Date    T.B.A.          Written and produced by   Erwan Goudard              Distribuited by

Stories of youthful essence have been handed down for centuries, crossing lush valleys and insidious waterways. Straight from majestic castles, you’re listening to prophecies concerning the emissary RWN. His four original fairy tales will bring you to a world of extra-tight drumbeats, tangled atmospheres, hip-swinging percussions, and timeless atmospheres, all rolling together into “Apres L’Heure EP” – an authentic heroic poem from le chevalier RWN.


A1 RWN – Apres L’Heure (Original Mix)
A2 RWN – August Rain (Original Mix)
B1 RWN – Astrox (Original Mix)
B2 RWN – Forgive (Original Remix)