Release Date   20.12.2023         Written and produced by   Raphael Leduc              Distribuited by

Strange movements emerge from the lake. Beneath the thin layer of water that separates aquatic and terrestrial creatures, dozens of carp move in unison. From here come the drifting voices. French artist Raveld is the bearer of those echoing sounds, and he does it among four distinctive, slick, original minimal tunes that resonate throughout both hemispheres. Prepare to be permeated by pulsating basslines, bald groove patterns, and a good dose of ethereal, blossoming energy.


A1 Raveld – Drifting Voices (Original Mix)
A2 Raveld – Dial (Original Mix)
B1 Raveld – Sound, Time & Space (Original Mix)
B2 Raveld – Truth Is Boring (Original Remix)