Release Date    04.03.19          Written and produced by   Vern         Remixed by   Topper        Distribuited by

Three main attributes ditinguish the fifth chapter carried on by the well known only-vinyl italian label: harmonic breaks, catchy grooves and a middle-set oriented concept. Few shades of micro-touch here and there and here you got some secret shots to drop when the dancefloor is in need for. Shout-out to Topper for his reinterpretation of A2 side, the man let his work to gently flow into the organic release without creating any feelings-gap in the middle of the listening session, and to Vern too of course to present himself at ReFace’s audience in such a warm look.


A1 Vern – Cincipunctunu (Original Mix)
A2 Vern – Cincipunctunu (Topper Remix)
B1 Vern – Cincipunctdoi(Original Mix)
B2 Vern – Cincipuncttrei (Original Mix)

Supported by Cap, Giuliano Lomonte, Fabrizio Maurizi, Viceversa and more.

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