Release Date    03.07.19          Distribuited by         Written and produced by   Ted Amber, Fabrizio Maurizi, Petar Milicevic, Avidel

If you’re calling for a bouncy house floors-driver to spice up your work, this VA brings you everything you’re asking for. None of less than four raw jams, all tracks might be labeled as outstandin works to shake your middle-set session, in order: the dreaming atmospheres from Rabit are setting the initial tone, Invisibile’s piping kicks are there raising the bar, Kotrljacha’s hyper futurism rocks the transition and finally Blazar sets everything back to a cheerful weel being state.


A1 Ted Amber – Rabit (Original Mix)
A2 Fabrizio Maurizi – Invisible (Original Remix)
B1 Petar Milicevic – Kotrljacha (Original Mix)
B2 Avidel – Blazar (Original Mix)

Supported and played by Petre Inspirescu, Arapu, Cally, Sepp, Viceversa and more.